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PROMO 72+18 FREE: Periogold Intenze Professional Antiseptic Mouthrinse/Mouthwash - Cetylpyridinium Chloride 0.05% (250ml)

  • Mfg. Code:PGGD001PROMO72
  • Brand:Periogold
  • Expiry: >= 1 year
  • Color:Green
  • Origin:Singapore
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  • Mfg. Code:PGGD001PROMO72
  • Brand:Periogold
  • Color:Green
  • Origin:Singapore
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Clinically tested and professionally formulated antiseptic mouth rinse that 

  • promotes oral wound healing and tissue recovery
  • reduces pain and inflammation 
  • remains gentle to the teeth and gums 
  • speeds up recovery of sore throat 
What is Intenze™ for?

For prevention of surgical infections following dental surgeries, for the treatment and relief of oral ulcers, gingivitis, periodontitis and sore throat. 

Intenze™ does not contain any alcohol, harsh ingredients, parabens, PEG, PPG, preservatives or sugar.

How to use?

If you are using as a mouthwash:

-rinse 15ml in your mouth for 30s and spit it out. Recommended to use 2 times a day after meals.

If you are using as a gargle:

- gargle 15ml for up to 30s and spit it out. Repeat every 4 hours or as instructed by your dentist. 



1) Sodium hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid (HA) brings about tissue repair and wound healing. It also prevents bacteria growth and formation of plaque on the teeth and reduces inflammation. 

2) Collagen 

Collagen promotes further wound healing as the wound matures, It is also an effective humectant that lubricates the mouth and provides intense moisturising effects.

3) Allantoin 

Allantoin is a cell-regenerating and healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation in the oral cavity. 

4) Chlorhexidine gluconate & Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC)

Chlorhexidine is the gold standard anti-plaque and anti gingivitis agent. CPC reduces plaque formation and gingivitis. 

Both chlorhexidine and CPC kills bacteria, yeast and fungi.

5) Menthol 

Menthol relieves pains and freshens the breath.

6) Xylitol

Xylitol is a safe natural sweetener that helps reduce the tooth decays and plaque formation. 

90 Bottles, 250ml/bottle

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