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Ivoclar Bluephase Style Light Cure Handpiece (100-240V) Light Pink

  • Mfg. Code:642514
  • Brand:Ivoclar Vivadent Clinical
  • Expiry: >= 1 year
  • Color:Light Pink
  • Origin:Liechtenstein
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  • Mfg. Code:642514
  • Brand:Ivoclar Vivadent Clinical
  • Color:Light Pink
  • Origin:Liechtenstein
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Bluephase®Style –on an ergonomic mission

Bluephase® Style is a cordless LED curing light that offers a high light intensity (new at 1,200 mW/cm2). Given its compact shape, it comfortably fits the hands of women and men.


Curing light for the polymerization of all dental materials in the wavelength range of 385 to 515 nm.


  • Ergonomic shape to fit the hands of men and women
  • polywave® LED with a broad light spectrum ranging from 385 to 515 nm, suitable for all materials
  • Fanless construction for continuous operation without clinical limitations
  • Click & Cure for battery-independent emergency corded operation – Cordless design ensuring the ultimate in mobility
  • High light intensity of 1,200 mW/cm2 for reduced curing times starting from 10 seconds
  • Easy operation due to intuitive 2-button operation
  • Large treatment field due to 10-mm light guide
  • Shortened light guide: all tooth surfaces can be easily reached, eliminating the need for extreme opening of the mouth
  • Inductive charger enabling contactless charging of battery
  • Base station with battery charge indicator for easy checking of battery charge levels from a large distance
  • High capacity lithium polymer battery allowing 20 minutes of continuous operation
  • Closed construction of the housing for optimum practice hygiene – Easy cleaning of the charging base due to discharge opening
  • Innovative movement sensor ensuring immediate readiness for operation
  • 3-year warranty (battery 1 year)

Available in three shades (grey, blue, pink and now also in green)

1 x Bluephase Style 100-240v light pink
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