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3M Sof-Lex™ Spiral Polishing Wheels - White (30pcs)

  • Mfg. Code:70201088641
  • Brand:3M
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  • Origin:United States

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  • Mfg. Code:70201088641
  • Brand:3M
  • Color:-
  • Origin:United States
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Sof-Lex™ Spiral Wheels

  • Adapt to all tooth surfaces, work from any angle
  • Are effective at reaching anterior and posterior restorations
  • Quickly achieve a life-like luster
  • Their unique, flexible shape easily adapts to irregular, convex and concave tooth surfaces.
  • Anterior and posterior restorations can be finished and polished with one tool for each step, no need to switch between points, cups discs and brushes.
  • All parts of the spiral wheel can be used: side, top, bottom and edge. Therefore, the spiral wheels are effective from any angle.
  • The fine finishing wheel (beige) smoothes and removes scratches in restorations that develop during contouring, and prepares the surface for high gloss polishing.
  • The superfine polishing wheel (white) creates a very smooth, high-gloss polish.
  • Sof-Lex; Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels are for single use and work without paste and water cooling.
1 Pack of 30pcs
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