Smilesmith: Your Partner in Improving Your Clinic’s Profitability

Updated On: 16 July, 2021

Your patients are not the only ones feeling pain.

Your Clinic, something that you care deeply about, is feeling the pain too.  The pain of stagnating profitability. Pain that can be easily avoided.

Our Prescription

Take control of your purchasing.  1 – 1 – 1

You could get more patients and you could charge each patient more per visit or treatment.  This is always an option.  If your clinic can do this, I congratulate you on your success.  For Doctors, I have spoken to it is quite the opposite (fewer patients and stagnating charges per visit).

The solution is the third leg of the stool.  Clinic material, instruments and equipment.  Do you know if you are minimizing the cost of your purchasing?  Are you engaged in Smart Purchasing?  The old ways of browsing through endless catalogues for the products you want, calling up multiple dealers to hunt for products or the best prices, the inability to compare products are over.  Introducing your partner in helping you improve your clinic’s profitability.  At one destination, browse 1000’s  of products from over 70 brands and dozens of dealers.  Compare products, Check out their prices and order online.  It just couldn’t be simpler…or more profitable.


Call us or register at and start your clinic’s journey to greater profitability today.


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