Plan Your Purchases

Updated On: 15 July, 2021

Plan Your Purchases.  “Don’t wait until you pull out the last pair of gloves from the very last box.”

True story:  A dealer received a call from a dentist’s office saying that they had a patient on the chair and they had run out of composite and could the dealer rush over an order in 15 minutes? Sounds funny when you think about it but on deeper reflection, does this not damage the dentist’s stellar reputation that has taken years to develop? 

On examining this issue further, the conclusion was that the dentist’s purchase pattern remains largely (about 80%) the same month after month.  Changes do happen but they are not very dramatic changes.  Under these circumstances, planning your purchases is not only possible but desirable as well.  This is important for your clinic’s smooth operation and for enhancing your clinic’s reputation.  

  1. Improved efficiency – you have the material you need when you need it.
  2. Customer Service – Use the right material without compromise to keep your patients happy: Always.
  3. Smooth running of your Clinic – With planned purchasing, your clinic staff can go about with their regular work without being distracted with ordering products on an ad hoc basis.  This brings about greater efficiency in the Clinic which is always welcome.

Now get all these advantages and benefits with just a mouse-click.  Visit and see your clinic productivity and profitability increase.


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